Dear Sir

During Oct/Nov 2002 my girlfriend and I were touring western USA as part
our vacation from London, England.

We landed in San Francisco, rented a car and drove to Los Angeles, San
Diego, Las Vegas, Sacremento and arrived back in San Francisco at 17.00 hrs
on November 15, the day before we were due to fly back to the UK. We drove
in from the north and headed toward the Golden Gate Bridge, obviously for
us Brits an icon to drive across! The sun was going down and I thought
there might be a chance of a good photograph of the bridge.

We stopped the car in the car park of the National Park and got some good
shots of the bridge in the sunset. As we walked back to the car I noticed a
tug passing under the bridge heading out to sea and thought I would get one
last shot. As the tug came under the bridge I saw it was towing a partly
stripped warship - not a WWII type, but something interesting. I took
several photographs as the light faded.

After we returned to the UK and films were developed I was satisfied that I
had got a couple of good shots of the bridge and the warship too. Over the
last few years I thought on and off about trying to identify the vessel,
but only recently definitely decided to try and find out. I eventually
succeeded with the help of Dennis O'Brien of CG-22 USS England and Andrew
Toppan at Haze Grey and Underway.

After Andrew pointed me in the right direction, Dennis was finally able to
confirm to me this week, via his friends at MARAD that I had caught the
last voyage of CG-23 USS Halsey, which left Suisan Bay for Brownsville on
15 November 2002.

I am pleased to have been able to finally identify this illustriously named
vessel and to have captured her last trip, being towed from the darkness to
the light. I like to think that the cloud formation on the horizon
resembles that of an American eagle in flight.....

Hope this photo is of some interest
Nigel Kerr
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